Nirvana was an American rock band that formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. The band consisted of Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar), Krist Novoselic (bass), and Dave Grohl (drums). They are widely regarded as one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music.

Nirvana's breakthrough came with the release of their second album, "Nevermind," in 1991. The album's lead single, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," became an instant hit and helped to popularize grunge music and alternative rock in the mainstream. The album also included other popular tracks such as "Come As You Are," "Lithium," and "In Bloom."

Nirvana's music was characterized by its raw, emotional sound, which was influenced by punk rock and heavy metal. Cobain's lyrics often dealt with themes of alienation, depression, and social criticism.

Tragically, Cobain died by suicide in 1994, which led to the disbandment of Nirvana. Despite their relatively short career, the band's influence on rock music cannot be overstated. They are credited with popularizing the grunge genre, which had a major impact on the 1990s music scene.

In addition to their musical legacy, Nirvana's anti-establishment ethos and outsider appeal have resonated with fans for decades. Their influence can be heard in a wide range of musical genres, and their impact on popular culture continues to this day.

Nirvana's music and legacy continue to be celebrated by fans around the world, and their influence on rock music will undoubtedly continue for generations to come.