Is it Official!

It's not easy to avoid bootleg merchandise these days with websites all over the world accessible from the comfort of your arm chair flogging knock-offs. And, it's not just the usual suspects China, India and Thailand. Now with affordable garment printers anyone can print an image onto a t-shirt for less than $6! 

I've noticed quite a few dodgy band t-shirts on TradeMe recently which are quite obviously fake. I asked the seller if the t-shirt was official but he refrained from answering. 

So why should you care if a band t-shirt is official or not?

When you purchase an officially licensed t-shirt from us you are supporting the artist you love and the creative minds behind the design. Also, official merch would have to meet specific quality and design requirements i.e. using good quality cotton tees, using good quality non-toxic ink, approved motifs and artwork, quantities produced etc. 

How to Spot a Fake Band T-Shirt?

Avoid sites eBay, Amazon and TradeMe to some extent as they don't regularly control what is official or not.

Does the design and branding look legitimate? Does the website or ad say the t-shirts are "Officially Licensed"?

At Teerex we are proud to say that we support our favorite artists (and with respect not so favorite) from around the world and seek out the best designs and quality to bring you a great product and price.